Lodhi Garden Restaurant in Delhi: good food with good times

Lodhi Garden Restaurant in Del

In an age where themed restaurants are gradually being effaced, the Lodhi Garden Restaurant in Delhi stands out as an example of a great restaurant, set in the middle of the scenic Lodhi Garden in Delhi, which still believes in the superiority of food and ambience over everything else. Its architecture is a stylish blend of the old and new, symbolizing the fusion of the ancient city of the Mughal emperors with the newer, fast paced modern life in Delhi.

At the very first glance, you will also find that it has been painstakingly constructed to retain the natural beauty of the surroundings and allow it to become a part of the décor. The Lodhi Garden is a patch of green in the dusty city of Old Delhi, and the little pebbled walks, exquisite wooden furniture and bamboo decorations retain the natural, almost primate charm. As you enter the restaurant from the traffic-snarled streets of Delhi, you will find yourself in an oasis.

The old trees and shrubberies have all been preserved and tastefully converted into an integral part of the restaurant.  In keeping with the surroundings, dim lamps and fairy lights have been used so that the natural lighting enjoys the first position, and also creates a beautiful, romantic setting for special dinners.

In a restaurant where nature plays an important role, the food too is influenced by it. The chefs believe in serving up the best food using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu is an eclectic mix of Indian, and subtle flavors from the Orient, Africa and America. The restaurant believes in serving hearty soul food, and is undoubtedly one of the best comfort food restaurants in North India.

The freshness of the ingredients lends their distinctive touch to the food, making it wholesome, delicious and good enough to come back for, time and again. The menu goes for a complete revamp, twice a year, so that whichever the season you choose to go, you will always get healthy, fresh and sumptuous meals at this restaurant.

It is a delight to eat here, whether it is a romantic dinner, or a lively one with family and friends. The ambience and food makes for good times and great memories. The Lodi Garden Restaurant does not have a separate bar area. However, this lack is made up for by its excellent collection of the best wines and single malts. The restaurant also has a great collection of seasonal fruit juices and mock tails that anybody can enjoy.


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