Hiring a stag weekend expert means great value and great service


A weekend away with a group of fellow stags should be a fun-packed experience without tons of hassle sorting out the logistics. Here’s how expert advice really can make all the difference.
Traditionally the task of planning the stag do falls to the best man who, let’s face it, already has plenty of duties already piling up, not forgetting that all-important speech at the wedding reception. Tasked with the job of arranging a fun and entertaining weekend for a group of the groom’s friends could be a potential nightmare waiting to happen. That’s where hiring an expert can make all the difference.

Where to go?

Events and activities for a stag weekend take place in cities and towns throughout the length and breadth of the UK and in various European and international destinations too. You could easily spend several hours researching the various destinations and available activities. Do you know what the seasonal temperatures are in Croatia? Would you really need to pack your thermals for Iceland, even in summer? Most people don’t know the answers without a fair amount of research, but an expert stag party organiser knows all of this and so much more. If you want to view the many destinations and activities that stags can enjoy you could learn more at Redsevenleisure.co.uk .

Who is attending?

The stag party is a time for the groom’s friends to celebrate his impending nuptials, but they don’t necessarily know each other beforehand. Trying to organise a fun and entertaining trip for assorted strangers is challenging at the best of times, let alone when there’s a wedding to help with. An expert in stag parties knows the industry, and the logistics, inside out, so can help you make informed choices about where to go and what to do.

What to do?

Perhaps your stag group is fortunate enough to consist of a long-standing group of mates who share a passion for paintballing with a bit of clubbing on the side. Or maybe you all share a common interest in white-knuckle adventures. In cases like these the choice of weekend can be a relatively simple affair, at least in the choice of activities undertaken throughout the course of the weekend. However, for most groups the organisation is unlikely to be quite so simple, which is where expert advice can make all the difference.

With such a vast array of choices available when it comes to organising the weekend’s activities, expert advice can be incredibly helpful in putting together a package which will appeal to all participants. Most stag group consultants will have experienced many of the activities and destinations for themselves, making them ideally placed to offer insightful advice and put together an appropriate package.

How much?

There’s no denying that a weekend away can be a big expense for many people, especially in these cash-strapped times. The groom or his best man should take a straw poll of guests and decide on an appropriate budget which people are likely to consider reasonable for their weekend away.

Expert advice can make a huge difference between an adequate trip and a great one. With access to pricing information, cost of living at various destinations and types of accommodation to suit different budgets, an advisor can help to construct the perfect package.

With expert advisors available who know and understand the market, it’s easy to see why more stag groups are choosing to enlist help when it comes to arranging the perfect stag party.

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