Check Out What Toronto’s Amazing Restaurants Have To Offer

Toronto's Amazing Restaurants

Toronto is a vibrant and diverse city, and as any visitor or resident can tell you, its restaurants and neighborhoods reflect its amazing multicultural landscape. The Toronto theater scene has dozens of ballet and dance companies, the city is a hub for film and tv production, and the city is home to over 15 prominent museums and art galleries, including the Royal Ontario Museum ( and the Art Gallery of Ontario ( Toronto also offers seven major league sports teams, including the legendary the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. In short, the city seems to have something for everyone. So it’s no wonder that Toronto’s restaurants are known for the wide and exciting range of cuisine they have to offer, from gourmet 5-star experiences to quirky mom-and-pop-owned local diners. Toronto truly is Canada’s most diverse city.

When it comes to accommodations, the city’s no slouch either. The Drake Hotel ( is a boutique hotel and restaurant in downtown Toronto that’s highly rated not only for its amazing amenities, but for its fantastic food. If the term “boutique hotel” isn’t familiar to you, all you need to know is that it means you’re going to get specialized service and unique, authentic lodgings and amenities (no chain mentality here)! The Drake Hotel focuses on unique and classy design coupled with a warm sense of hospitality. Staying at a boutique destination like Drake Hotel is the best way to experience the cuisine, warmth, and culture of Toronto.

The Drake Hotel is like that cool best friend that you always want to hang around because they bring the best events and people together. The staff is known for their friendly attitude and ability to help, no matter what it is you might be looking for. Plus, the hotel takes being one of the top restaurants in Toronto seriously, so that’s why for breakfast, lunch or dinner you can count on finding delicious food throughout the building. Try some of their gourmet bistro food for lunch, a weekend brunch, an early breakfast, or a late dinner: the Drake Hotel has you covered for every meal! The restaurant focuses on seasonal foods, so their menu is always fresh and updated.

Its hard to understand how the Drake Hotel can offer so many different experiences in one amazing building, but the truth is that it’s redefining the traditional hotel experience by being a stable presence in Toronto’s art and music scene. There is always something happening — you can dance the night away, discover the next big thing in music at one of their concerts, or laugh ‘til it hurts on a comedy night. Or, check out their all-seasons rooftop bar, the Sky Yard! People say Drake Hotel is like family and that there is so much to do they never want to leave – and once you’ve spent some time there, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be feeling the same way.

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