The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share

If you’ve ever lived in a house share situation, you’ll know how true the below infographic is. People can be annoying, but people can also be brilliant and you’ll find that out for yourself if you are on your way to house sharing for the first time in your life. Learn this infographic well; it might just come in handy in the middle of the night when you ‘friend’ is blaring the complete works of Joni Mitchell. Gumtree infographic 8 most likely people to meet in a house share is an Read more [...]

5 Items to Pack for a Vacation at Sea

5 Items to Pack for a Vacation at Sea
Whether you're headed out for a weekend on a yacht, you plan to go sailing with a few friends for a couple of days or even if you have a week-long cruise coming up, when you're away at sea, there are certain things that are absolutely essential. So, in order to make your packing process quicker and easier, we've got a list of five items that you should take along with you so that you can better enjoy every single moment of your sea vacation. Swimsuits. When you're taking a vacation at sea, there's Read more [...]

Beauty Within The Midwest: 6 Destinations To Ponder

Beauty Within The Midwest
The Midwestern United States contains some of the most beautiful national parks that the country has to offer. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to plan your trip to one or more of these places where nature's beauty is protected for future generations to enjoy. Let's take a look at six Midwestern national parks that you should consider visiting this summer: 1. Turner Falls Park Located in the Arbuckle Mountains of Davis, Oklahoma, the park offers a wide variety of fun for Read more [...]

Safe and Affordable Dog Boarding Options for Holiday Travelers

Affordable Dog Boarding
For many of us who are pet owners, our dogs are basically like a member of the family and so, when it's time for us to go on vacation, we try and take our furry friends along with us. But if you are preparing for a holiday trip and you're going to be away for more than a few days or you're planning to travel internationally, we can understand why it might be easier for you to explore some local boarding options. If you'd like to know about several of the ones that you can choose from- ones that Read more [...]

Vacation at Sea: 5 Men’s Fishing Trip Planning Tips

Fishing Trip Planning Tips
Planning a fishing vacation with the guys? If you are looking for one of the best ways to bond with your guy friends, fishing can be a great neutral way to have fun and to do something active. Sometimes, life gets busy - with family, work and other obligations - so you may not get to see your friends as often anymore. Before you go fishing, though, it can help to have a few pointers - not everybody is an expert when it comes to fishing. Plus, you want to be able to find a location that offers a Read more [...]

5 Useful Travel Tips for Frequent Flyers

Travel Tips
If you're someone who travels a lot for business purposes, then you probably find yourself spending more time at airports and in hotels than inside of your own home. And since you are always on the go, this means that there's a pretty good chance that you're constantly looking for ways to make your traveling process easier. If that's the case, then this is the article for you. We are actually about to share with you a list of five useful travel tips that are extremely helpful for frequent Read more [...]