How to Safely Ride an ATV

All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, can be extremely entertaining. What better way to explore a large outdoor space than to get on one of these bad boys and go? However, ATVs can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Read on to learn about how to safely ride an ATV.   1.     Inspection: Before you hop on your ATV and begin riding, you must inspect your vehicle. This is a key step in ensuring your safety because you will most likely be able to notice any major issues with the ATV.  You must Read more [...]

3 of the Top Ski Destinations in Europe

ski destinations
Whatever you are looking for in your skiing holiday there will be something to suit you in Europe. All of them boast good skiing facilities but for those looking for that little extra there are resorts that are tailored to every need. Whether you are travelling as part of a large family group, in a couple or as a single individual in pursuit of adventure, you can identify a range of resorts that enable you to enjoy picturesque terrain and slops that challenge your existing skill-set. So before you Read more [...]

5 Adventure Travel Destinations for Thrill Seekers

Travel Destinations
Some people like to lounge and relax while on vacation, but for others doing nothing sounds like a bore! If you love to travel and try new, exciting things, you are likely looking for places and activities that are active and daring. Here are 5 adventure travel destinations for thrill seekers that you should check out for your next vacation destination. Toronto, Canada is home to the EdgeWalk, a 1.5 meter wide ledge. This ledge is high up, on top of Toronto's CN Tower which is 356 meters up Read more [...]

Head to Unique Destinations For Exciting Jungle Safari

The Indian subcontinent is home to diverse cultures and rich habitats of wildlife which can be extremely exciting to catch a glimpse of. The flora and fauna of the thick Indian woods are fascinating and enchanting. A journey through the thick forests can be a wonderful experience as you explore the world’s finest natural environs. Do not miss the ultimate experience of jungle safari in India. Personal encounters with the wild animals and rare species can be an unforgettable experience. As you relax Read more [...]

Ski into Luxury this Spring

Just because the calendar says spring doesn’t mean you can’t ski the snowy slopes. Many of the mountainous regions still enjoy snow time activities well into May. This is the ideal time to gather your friends and not have to bundle up because of the cold weather and get a great deal on the adventure at a luxurious resort.  Skiing Tips for Spring As the weather becomes milder, skiers enjoying a spring getaway need to add a few precautions to their list before they head out the door. The Read more [...]

How Far Can You Expect People to Travel for Your Wedding?

How Far Can You Expect People to Travel for Your Wedding
Although your parents may be prepared to fly halfway across the world for you, just to attend your big day, you can’t expect everyone else to drop everything and shell out for a flight ticket. There are ways to work around a destination wedding though. If you and your partner are determined to have a ceremony in the sun, your next thought should be: how many guests can we bag for the big day? Expectation-Free With destination weddings, it’s likely that you’re going to keep it simple Read more [...]