Beauty Within The Midwest: 6 Destinations To Ponder

Beauty Within The Midwest

The Midwestern United States contains some of the most beautiful national parks that the country has to offer. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to plan your trip to one or more of these places where nature’s beauty is protected for future generations to enjoy. Let’s take a look at six Midwestern national parks that you should consider visiting this summer:
Beauty Within The Midwest
1. Turner Falls Park

Located in the Arbuckle Mountains of Davis, Oklahoma, the park offers a wide variety of fun for your entire family. It also makes a nice place to stop for people who are just passing through the area. It is fully equipped with camping locations, RV hook-ups and picnic areas. Some of the more popular features include a waterfall that is 77 feet tall, Dr. Collings’ Rock Castle, natural swimming areas, three natural caves, sandy beaches and various geological formations. There are also hiking trails and cabins that are available for visitors to use.

2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Located just south of Cleveland, Ohio, this park has astonishing beauty. The Brandywine Waterfall is one of the top attractions in the park. The Towpath Trail leads visitors along the original route of the initial canal system in the area that helped lead to the agricultural expansion in northeastern Ohio. This park is also a fun place to visit during the winter months. Sledding, skiing and ice fishing are all popular activities when the snow starts to fall.

3. Porcupine Mountains

Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, you will find many cabins made of thick timber that will allow visitors to enter a beautiful world that can be enjoyed in solitude. One of the amazing sights in the Porcupine Mountains that always thrills people is the spectacle of rugged summits that rise up from a vast inland sea. The hustle and bustle of the city does not exist here. You will not hear large truck engines or horns beeping. The only sounds will be from the wind through the trees, the trickle of the trout streams and the splashes coming from the waterfalls. The Lake of the Clouds awaits you deep inside the park. It is a blue jewel surrounded emerald-green trees. Cabins are $20 per night and reservations are required.

4. Split Rock Lighthouse

Located on Minnesota’s Lake Superior Shore, this park has a secluded campground that is perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet. Your gear can be transported to your pre-assigned camping site by using a cart provided by the park. These camping areas are adequately spaced apart from each other. There are also backpack sites that are isolated and can be found along the lake. If you want to do some fishing while you are here, there are salmon and trout to be had, some as heavy as five pounds. The park borders the Split Rock River, which features great fishing in the fall and spring.

5. Lake Wappapello

Located in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, this park is a gem that many people are not aware of. The lake itself is perfect for swimming. Pontoons and skiffs can be rented from the general store and marina. Bluegills and largemouth bass are all available for the taking. Air-conditioned cabins are available for $30 per night for a double.

6. Lake Hope

Located in Southeastern Ohio, this 120-acre lake has a dining lodge and a rental marina. Cabins in Lake Hope are equipped with showers and kitchens dot the park along various ravines. 36 miles of hiking trails also await visitors. Cabins rent for $32 to $50 per day.


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