5 Adventure Travel Destinations for Thrill Seekers

Travel Destinations

Some people like to lounge and relax while on vacation, but for others doing nothing sounds like a bore! If you love to travel and try new, exciting things, you are likely looking for places and activities that are active and daring. Here are 5 adventure travel destinations for thrill seekers that you should check out for your next vacation destination.

  1. Travel DestinationsToronto, Canada is home to the EdgeWalk, a 1.5 meter wide ledge. This ledge is high up, on top of Toronto’s CN Tower which is 356 meters up in the air! Dare devils can walk across, harnessed, but this is not for the light of heart or people who are afraid of heights. This impressive walkway has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest full circle hands free walk in the entire world! Not only will you get a thrill, but you will also get beautiful views of Lake Ontario as well as Toronto’s impressive skyline.
  2. You can also venture to Ecuador if you are a nature and wild life lover. Here you have the option to swim with Hammerhead sharks underwater! The Galapagos Island host tons of different kinds of marine life including stint rays, turtles, neon fish and more. For thrill seekers, you can go on diving expeditions and have the chance to swim with hammer head sharks, but be aware, these sharks are powerful. Dives are often scheduled throughout the year, so plan ahead!
  3. If you love roller coasters, you haven’t experienced anything yet until you ride the steepest coster on the planet! This coaster can be found in Japan, with views of Mt. Fuji! The name of this coaster is Takabisha at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park. This attraction, is also a Guinness World Record holder and was designed especially for the most fearless, heights loving roller coaster riders in the world. The Takabisha also boasts speed of over 100 kilometers per hour and will leave you wind blown and thrilled!
  4. Tired of the same old skiing, snowboarding, or skate boarding? Why not try a completely new sport? In Nicaragua you can take part in a sport called Volcano boarding unlike anything you’ve ever done before. This will absolutely get your adrenaline pumping while challenging you athletically as well. One of the best volcanoes for boarding is the Cerro Negro Volcano where you can explore the crater, learn the basics and safety tips for boarding, and then sit on your small board as you glide down the volcano! You will fly down fast, up to 82 miles per hour for a chance of a lifetime!
  5. Finally, consider mountain biking at the Grand Canyon if you’d like to stay in the United States! The North Rim here is an excellent place to take in the scenery, plus it has an idea climate and terrain for mountain biking. Often these biking excursions are scheduled from May to September.

If you search for thrill while on vacation, consider planning trips to places like FoxFire Mountain or these other locations like the Grand Canyon, Ecuador, Japan, or Canada where there are so many opportunities to experience adventures, get a rush and challenge yourself physically.

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